Charitable Giving

Supporting a variety of projects for your community

Discover the Charitus Partner Grant Program, where opportunities for positive change and community impact await. We are excited to offer matching grants to our investment partner congregations, institutions, and those sponsored by ELCIC Synods.

Grants are designed to support projects that address critical social and environmental needs, aligning with our mission to create meaningful change.

The focus areas encompass addressing poverty in Canada, fostering reconciliation with Indigenous communities, and promoting sustainable environmental practices. Whether it’s a meal program, educational initiatives, or eco-friendly projects, we are eager to collaborate with you to bring hope and make a significant difference in your community. Explore how you can be a catalyst for change and learn more about this empowering program.

Charitus Grant Program 2024

​​Charitus is offering a matching grant to our investment partner congregations and institutions to address social needs and/or environmental impact in their church community, as well as support for projects and new mission initiatives for their greater community. In 2024, we are extending the eligibility to any congregation who is sponsored by their Synod, as each Synod in the ELCIC is an investment partner with Charitus.

Fundraising Planning

What are we looking for?

We are looking for project proposals from partner organizations, which we can support with a grant of up to $3,000 but not more than 75% of the total project costs. Grants are available for activities that make a social and/or environmental impact. Grants will be awarded under any of the three following project objectives:

Elimination of poverty in Canada.

Examples of projects to consider:

  • Low income and/or senior meal program
  • Food for life program
  • Life necessity items program 

Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and advancement of Indigenous social and economic goal.

Examples of projects to consider:

  • Advancing awareness/education
  • Lunch or breakfast program for healthy start
  • Community work programs
  • Children music programs / camps

Promotion of the sustainable use of our environmental resources, including the atmosphere, land and water.

Examples of projects to consider:

  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades
  • Furnace thermostat upgrades to reduce consumption
  • Installation/upgrades water reducing toilets in building
  • installation of energy saving hand dryers
  • Rain barrel program

Have an idea?

Please reach out and we can discuss how together we can bring hope and make a difference in your community.

Received a Grant in 2023?

We cannot wait to hear all about your progam’s success and impact you have had. Grant reports are due September 30 2024.