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Create a legacy that will last a lifetime and beyond including Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

Creating an endowment fund with Charitus offers a powerful means of leaving a lasting impact on Lutheran ministry and the causes you hold dear. These funds safeguard the principal of your gifts, enabling the allocation of investment income to support the missions and charities of your choice.

Whether you choose to establish a timeless legacy during your lifetime or through a bequest, the process is flexible and accessible. By naming your fund and collaborating with Charitus, you contribute to a brighter future for the causes you are passionate about while ensuring your charitable legacy endures.

You have the opportunity to create an endowment fund with Charitus, dedicated to supporting Lutheran ministry. These endowment funds are designed to safeguard the core gifts while enabling the utilization of investment income for charitable purposes. Whether you opt for a traditional endowment fund, ensuring the preservation of the principal indefinitely, or explore other options, such funds can be initiated during your lifetime or through a bequest.

Additionally, consider our donor-advised fund (DAF) – a versatile fund type. By establishing a DAF while you’re alive, you can annually advise Charitus on the ministries and charitable causes you wish to support. The fund agreement outlines the intended use of disbursements after your passing, offering a customizable and lasting impact on the charitable organizations that matter most to you.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds

Discover the extraordinary potential of Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), one of the most dynamic avenues for charitable giving. With DAFs, you play a central role in establishing a charitable fund managed by Charitus, providing annual support to your cherished charities. This unique approach not only offers ongoing income to your selected organizations but also creates a lasting charitable legacy for you and often your family. Your DAF can bear a personalized name, such as the “Your Name Here Family Charitable Fund,” and the beauty of DAFs lies in their flexibility. Whether during your lifetime or as part of your estate plan, you can create a DAF using various assets, including cash, securities, bonds, real estate, and insurance.

Why opt for a Donor Advised Fund with Charitus? By choosing Charitus to shape your legacy, you’ll benefit both yourself and the causes you hold close to your heart. Our DAF program empowers you to support worthy endeavors today while maintaining the flexibility to adapt your charitable giving according to your evolving philanthropic goals. Additionally, Charitus can help you leverage potential tax advantages that stem from your generosity. For further insights into our donor-centered DAF program, explore our frequently asked questions.

To delve deeper into Charitus’s Donor Advised Fund program or explore other planned giving options, please reach out to Charitus directly at 1.888.308.9461 email us.

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