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Annual Reports

2022 Faith, Finances, and Philanthropy

In 2022, optimism waned due to global events, including China’s lockdowns, Russia’s actions, and inflation. Charitus (then ELFEC) adapted and diversified investments.

2021 Strengthening for the Future

Through a tough time for many, ELFEC has managed to grow its partnerships with a strong track record of investment products, programs and services offering lear results for Canadian charities.

2020 Building for the Future

In early 2020, we had no idea what lay ahead regarding world turmoil. However, ELFEC’s leaders have stayed focused, and mindful decisions continue to be made to continue our wonderful journey.  

2019 Embracing the Future

As we work to continue to grow your investments and their impact, a range of successful steps this past year helped benefit our partners across Canada.

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Our auditors, RLB LLP are based in Guelph, On and have a dedicated team who specializes in Not-for-profits.

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