Charitus: A Renewed Vision for Faith-Based Generosity

Charitus partners smiling

We are thrilled to introduce you to Charitus, the new identity of the Evangelical Lutheran Foundation of Eastern Canada (ELFEC). This rebranding symbolizes our evolution and a renewed commitment to faith based, ethical investing and fostering generosity within our community.

Embracing Modernity with Traditional Values

Charitus represents a modern, clean aesthetic, reflecting our contemporary approach while staying true to our faith-based roots. Our mission continues to focus on managing assets responsibly and supporting the philanthropic goals of our donors and church communities.

Charitus Services: Expanding Our Reach

At Charitus, we offer a range of services including investment opportunities aligned with ethical values, and comprehensive support for fundraising and charitable giving. We are proud to manage significant assets and partner with numerous churches, amplifying our impact across communities.

A New Identity, Same Mission

Charitus, a name derived from the Latin word for ‘charity,’ encapsulates our unwavering commitment to fostering generosity within our community. Our new brand identity reflects a modern, clean aesthetic, aligning with our forward-looking vision while deeply rooted in our faith-based values. This rebranding is not just a change in name and look; it is a reinvigoration of our dedication to working hand-in-hand with our donors and partners to make a positive impact.

Our Core Values Remain Unchanged

As Charitus, we continue to uphold the same values that have guided us for years. Our focus remains on responsible investing, helping donors make informed decisions that align with their faith and values. We are committed to offering guidance on planned giving and facilitating donations that make a meaningful difference.

Familiar Faces, Expanded Horizons

While our name and visual identity have evolved, the people and the spirit behind Charitus remain the same. Our team continues to be a group of dedicated individuals passionate about our mission. We are also expanding our horizons, exploring new opportunities to serve our community better and make a more significant impact.

Resources and Learning

Our website is a hub for resources like the securities transfer form and educational webinars, including ones focused on creating a generosity plan. These tools are designed to empower our donors and partners in making informed decisions and maximizing their philanthropic impact.

A Journey Together

As Charitus, we embark on a journey of growth and shared values. Our new chapter is not just about a name change; it’s about expanding our horizons and deepening our commitment to our community. We invite you to explore our new website, discover our initiatives, and join us in making a difference.

Your Role in Our Story

Your support and involvement are crucial to our success. As Charitus, we are more than a name – we are a community united in faith and driven by the spirit of generosity. Together, let’s continue to enrich lives and make a lasting impact.